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Course Syllabus
Assignment Description

Lecture Slides:(requires username; password)
Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Microeconomic Foundations (slide, note, Demand-Supply Exe.) (zoom: s1, s2, s3)
Week 3: Microeconomic Foundations/Macroeconomic Foundations (1) (slide, Demand-Supply Solution) (zoom: s1, s2, s3)
Week 4: Macroeconomic Foundations (2) (slide, CPI/PPP practice) (zoom: s1, s2, s3)
Week 5: Cost Benefit Analysis- Foundation (slide) (zoom: s1, s2, s3)
Week 6: Regression Analysis (OLS / Logit) (slide) (zoom: s1, s2, s3)
Week 7: Property Rights/CPR management (slide / steel vs hotel) (zoom: s1, s2, s3)
Week 8: Coase Theorem/ Optimal Emission Level (slide, note1, note2) (zoom: s1, s2, s3)
Week 9: Midterm Exam
Week 10: Policy Instruments (1) (slide, note, exe) (zoom: s1, s2, s3)
Week 11: Policy Instruments (ETS) (2) (slide, note1, note2) (zoom: s1, s2, s3)
Week 12: Environmental Evaluation (slide) (zoom: s1, s2, s3)
Week 13: Environmental Evaluation (slide) (zoom: s1, s2, s3)

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Links to the MUST WATCH movies
Al Gore TED talk
Inconvinient Truth (Movie by Al Gore)
Before the Flood (Documentary By Leonardo DiCaprio)